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Letter of Resignation, Menindee, 17 October 1860.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2082/2e (1-4).
Statements sent by members of the Victorian Exploring Expedition to the Exploration Committee.
Beckler's statements, Darling River, 16 October 1860, together with a letter of resignation.
Dated 17 October 1860. Manuscript, handwritten in ink on blue foolscap paper, 17 pages.


Received in Melbourne on Monday, 3 December 1860 and read at an Ordinary meeting of the Exploration Committee held that day. Present: Wilkie (chair) and Macadam.

Business: To receive despatches from the expedition (including Wills' second surveyors report and a chart of the route prepared by the surveyor, and a report from Dr Beckler about his exploratory trip to the Scropes Ranges and his resignation.

The Camp, western bank of River Darling
October 16, 1860


To comply with your request I hereby state the reasons for my resignation:

1. Up to the present time I had far less opportunity for doing anything in the scientific branch for which I was appointed than I anticipated, and from the remarks you made yourself I am compelled to believe that I shall have less prospect still in the future. I was anxious to accompany the expedition chiefly to come from my great interest for the vegetation of Australia, and if I hoped for any credit for myself in connections with the expedition, it was chiefly to come from the value of the botanical collections I would have made during the journey.

2. The disagreement between you and Mr Landells have brought matters to such a state, that it takes persons of much more sanguine temperament than myself to believe in a unique and harmonious working together of the party

3. From what I have seen during the journey, having been for the whole time with the camels, it is my humble opinion impossible to make the proper use of and to get the advantages expected to accrue to our expedition from the camels without a person perfectly acquainted with everything regarding their treatment under the most different and, may I add, probably most difficult circumstances.

4. The gentleman above competent to be in charge of the camels is leaving, and I therefore have reason to fear for the safety of the party.

5. Although I have taken great pains with superintending, arranging, loading and reloading our heavy stores, I have, I am sorry to say, not been able to give satisfaction.

6. But I wish to impress upon you, that the principal reason for my resignation is the way in which Mr Landells was treated by you yesterday evening and his consequent resignation, and it is these two points which determine me not to accompany the party under your charge beyond the occupied districts of New South Wales.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant
Dr Hermann Beckler

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