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Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2088B/2.
Financial Records of the Royal Society of Victoria's Exploration Committee,
Royal Society of Victoria Exploration Committee account book 1858-1873.
1 bound volume, manuscript, pages numbered 1 to 162.

© State Library of Victoria - www.slv.vic.gov.au
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pp. 1-12 Robert O'Hara Burke's outfit.
List of articles and services...supplied…by [Richard Nash] the Government Storekeeper.
pp.1-2 1. Provisions
p.2 2. Forage and food
pp.3(?)-9 3. Stores
p.10 4. Medicines and medical comforts
p.11 5. Services
p.12 6. Horses
p. 13 Supplies, miscellaneous; 17 & 18 August 1860, 31 January 1861.
p. 14 Services, miscellaneous (Lyons & McPherson costs).
p. 17-20 List of horses and stores supplied to Wright, 19 December 1860 and 17 January 1861;
expenses incurred at Menindee, 8 October 1860 – 22 January 1861.
pp. 20-21 Expenses incurred by Mr Hodgkinson in travelling on the Expedition Duty from Ptomarmora Creek to Melbourne and back from December 19/60 to January 14th 1861.
p. 21 Expedition accounts, 20 -24 August 1860.
p. 22 The following articles in the undermentioned quantities have been supplied on requisition by the Police Department for the use of the Exploration Expedition.
pp. 22-23 List of money expended between 18-27 September 1860,
plus expenditure at Thomas Pain's store, 2 July - 12 August 1861.

Robert O'Hara Burke's Outfit Page 1

List of Articles and Services with rate
and Amount ordered, supplied or incurred
by the Government Storekeeper on account
of the Exploring Expedition, classified under
the journal headings of;

  1. Provisions
2. Forage and Food for Camels and Horses
3. Stores
4. Medicines and Medical Comforts (including instruments and Veterinary medicines).
5. Services
6. Horses

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