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Part VI: Horses

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2088B/2.
Financial Records of the Royal Society of Victoria's Exploration Committee,
Royal Society of Victoria Exploration Committee account book 1858-1873.
1 bound volume, manuscript, pages numbered 1 to 162.
pp. 1-13. List of articles and services...supplied…by [Richard Nash] the Government Storekeeper.


Page 12.

VI. Horses

Robert McFarland £ 40 0/ 0d
  Bay horse, branded on near shoulder RJC over AA, on neck S 51
John Orr £ 50 0/ 0d
  Roan horse, aged, brands not stated
James McConaghy £ 35 0/ 0d
  1 bay horse, branded D on near shoulder, white star on forehead
James Henderson &Co £110 0/ 0d
  Bay horse, W near neck; TW near shoulder, near hind foot little white
  Grey horse LM off shoulder
  Bay horse, IH --do--
  Bay horse, P near shoulder, stripe, off hind foot white
W W Treacy £ 60 0/ 0d
  Chestnut mare, JH near shoulder
  Iron grey horse, HH conjoined near shoulder
  White horse, HH near shoulder
Robert S Sturrach £ 34 10/ 0d
  Brown horse, no brand
William Dickenson £ 20 0/ 0d
  Brown horse, JK near shoulder, three white legs, star on forehead
Charles Cock £ 50 0/ 0d
  Bay horse, draught, no brands
John Wilson £ 20 0/ 0d
  Bay horse, A over M near shoulder, black points
William Manley £ 28 0/ 0d
  Grey horse, D near saddle
A L Blake £ 50 0/ 0d
  Bay horse, ? near shoulder, white hind feet, 6 years old
Joseph Nihill £ 31 0/ 0d
  Chestnut horse, BI off neck, blaze on face (less £1 fee to veterinary surgeon)
B Hutchinson £ 48 19/ 0d
  Grey horse, M on shoulder snip off near ear, 6 years old (less £1 1s fee to veterinary surgeon)
W W Treacy £ 50 0/ 0d
  Brown horse, SS over M, ST under, near shoulder, two hind feet white
  Brown mare, N in circle near shoulder
Richard Edwards £ 26 0/ 0d
  Brown horse, ISB off shoulder, star on forehead, two hind feet white
WW Treacy
  Brown horse, B in circle near neck and near shoulder £ 30 0/ 0d
  Bay horse, OP near shoulder £ 25 0/ 0d
Total for Horses
£ 708 9/ 0d
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