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  • RHSQ Dig Tree Historic Reserve, cairns and sign.
  • Alfred Towner's Arrabury sign.
  • Alfred Towner's Doonmulla cairn.
  • Camp LXXVI (fake) marked tree, Birdsville.
  • Boulia cairn, bridge, plaque and sign.
  • IPL Phosphate Hill sign, 2011.
  • Jim McDonald's O'Hara's Gap plaque.
  • Alfred Towner's Kings Gap plaque.
  • Flinders Highway memorial.
  • Camp CXIX cairn and sign, Bynoe River.
  • Becker, Stone & Purcell's grave, Koorliatto Waterhole, Bulloo River.
  • David Hillan's Camp CXX Marker.

Notes for the responsible traveler :

Respecting Australia's heritage.
The sites listed above represent a significant stage in the development of our nation. It is important that we all treat these sites with respect to ensure they continue to retain their significance for future generations and do not become degraded or even destroyed by visitor pressure.

Legislation to protect sites in Queensland.
Many of the sites are listed on the federal Register of the National Estate or State Heritage Register and are protected under State and Federal legislation, including the Australian Heritage Council Act 2003 and the Protection of Moveable Cultural Heritage Act 1986. Digging, excavation, searching for artifacts and use of metal detectors at historical sites associated with exploration history is prohibited under State legislation including the the Heritage Act 1992 (Queensland). Additional legislation associated with the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Heritage Protection Act 1994 (Federal), and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 1993 (Queensland) affords additional protection at a number of significant historical sites.

Respecting indigenous culture.
Wherever you travel in Australia, you are in the traditional land of Indigenous Australians. This is country that has been significant to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people for over 60,000 years.

Access to sites.
Some of the sites listed above may be on private property. The inclusion of these sites on Burke & Wills Web in no way grants access to any of the sites of locations shown. The traveler must obtain permission to visit any private land or protected or closed area.

Inclusion of sites on this list does not imply the authenticity of such places. Burke & Wills Web aims to catalogue memorials as sites of interest, rather than pass judgment as to their authenticity.

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