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June 1861

Edwin James Welch,
1. Journal of Contingent Exploration Party, ML C332 (CY 1115) State Library of New South Wales
2. Field book No 1. Box 2087/7, Item a, MS13071, State Library of Victoria

Edwin Welch, surveyor and second in command of Howitt's Victorian Relief Expedition, found John King at Cooper Creek.

Wednesday, 26 June 1861.
Original party composed of Messrs Howitt, Welch, Aitken and Vining left Town by 5.45 pm train, en route for Swan Hill. 9.45 PM, while in the Coach, after leaving Gisborne observed a very finely developed arc of a Lunar rainbow in Eridani, extending over an arc of 30°. Fine night with light flying showers.

Thursday, 27 June, Sandhurst.
In Sandhurst, employed completing outfit.

Friday, 28 June.
Proceeded by coach. On arriving at Durham Ox met Mr Brahe with despatches from Mr Burke.

Saturday, 29 June, Swan Hill.
Mr Howitt proceeded with Mr Brahe to Town. Remainder in Swan Hill.

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