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July 1861

Edwin James Welch,
1. Journal of Contingent Exploration Party, ML C332 (CY 1115) State Library of New South Wales
2. Field book No 1. Box 2087/7, Item a, MS13071, State Library of Victoria

Edwin Welch, surveyor and second in command of Howitt's Victorian Relief Expedition, found John King at Cooper Creek.

Tuesday, 2 July 1861, Swan Hill.
Found both Sextant and Horizon brought from Town defective; in endeavouring to adjust and correct the former received an injury to the right eye, or according to the Doctor, "Congestion of the Retina" caused by too long exposure to bright light - very possible.

Thursday, 4 July.
Eye very bad, sight almost gone. Telegraphed [a note] to Melbourne for other instruments.

Saturday, 6 July.
Mr Howitt and reinforcements arrived. Eye still bad, not capable of using the instruments. From this date to Friday 12th Party employed in preparing for departure. Mr Howitt, and [Vining] scouring the country in search of horses. Eye gradually improving, but not allowed by the Doctor to observe.

Wednesday, 10 July.
Received new sextant and Horizon from Professor Neumayer - all right.

Saturday, 13 July, Speewa Creek.
Left Swan Hill at 2pm and proceeded to Speewa Creek and camped, 14 miles.

Sunday, 14 July, Poon Boon.
From Camp to Poon Boon Station on the Wakool. One of the horses bolted here and swam the river, but was soon caught. 9 miles.

Monday, 15 July, Robertson's Station.
From Poon Boon across Wakool to Robertson Station and camped. 15 miles.

Tuesday, 16 July, Balranald.
From Talbett's (Robertson's) to Camp on the Murrumbidgee opposite Balranald, 22 miles.

Wednesday, 17 July.
In camp. Employed as most requisite.

Thursday, 18 July, Lake Paika.
Crossed the river and proceeded to Lake Paika, 12 miles.

Friday, 19 July.
From Camp at Lake Paika past 'Tinn' (Ross') to Camp on the plains, 25 miles.

Saturday, 20 July.
Camp past Tjerickencom (Ross') to Camp in a belt of scrub, 15 miles.

Sunday, 21 July.
Camp to Camp in scrub, 14 miles.

Monday, 22 July.
Camp to Camp, 22 miles.

Tuesday, 23 July.
Camp past 'Golgol' (Scott's planned station) to Camp in scrub, 16 miles.

Wednesday, 24 July, Tarcoola.
Camp to 'Tarcoola' (Phelp's) on River Darling, 24 miles.

Thursday, 25 July.
Camp to Camp, 13 miles.

Friday, 26 July.
Camp past McClouds on Darling to Camp, 11 miles.

Saturday, 27 July.
Camp to Camp on the river, 14 miles.

Sunday, 28 July.
Camp past Reid's Station on the river to Camp 21'. 250 miles.

Monday, 29 July, Menindie.
Camp to Camp on River opposite Menindie, 24 miles.

Tuesday, 30 July, Camp I (Depot Camp), Ptmarmora Creek.
Swam the horses across and punted the baggage. Proceeded to camp of the expedition at the junction of the Ptoamora Creek with the River Darling, 7 miles. Up to this time, in consequence of my sight being still bad, and having to look after a pack horse, I was not able to fix the position of our camps on the road, and only took a few time observations in the evening to correct the watches.

Wednesday, 31 July.
Hands employed making bush yard and otherwise as requisite.

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