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Journal extracts from the South Australian Burke Relief Expedition.

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South Australian Advertiser: Adelaide.
23 November 1861: 2; 15 October 1862: 3; 25 October 1862: 4.
South Australian Register
: Adelaide.
15 October 1862: 2; 25 October 1862: 3.

Original item: Hodgkinson's Journal, 1861, Item 47, Unit 4, GRG35 583, Miscellaneous records previously accessioned by the South Australian Archives from government and non-government sources


[December 1861-January 1862]
Subsequent to the date of November 30, the party were encamped in the lake district visiting the various waters laid down in the charts, which I delivered over to Mr McKinlay prior to my resignation of the appointment held by me. The features of these lakes so nearly resembled the country I have already described an the former portion of my diary, that further comment upon them would be tedious, and having failed in two successive attempts to penetrate to the north and east of the Wattawiddido and Appocaidradille Lakes, the party were compelled in January to take up their quarters upon Appanbara, or Hayward's Creek, the feeder of the Wattawiddido. Here they remained for several weeks, impatiently awaiting the advent of rain. The unfortunate loss of a portion of my diary has prevented me from supplying the connected narrative it embodied; but from February 6 to the date of my resignation the proceedings of the party will be given in their entirety.

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