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Journal extracts from the South Australian Burke Relief Expedition.

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South Australian Advertiser: Adelaide.
23 November 1861: 2; 15 October 1862: 3; 25 October 1862: 4.
South Australian Register
: Adelaide.
15 October 1862: 2; 25 October 1862: 3.

Original item: Hodgkinson's Journal, 1861, Item 47, Unit 4, GRG35 583, Miscellaneous records previously accessioned by the South Australian Archives from government and non-government sources


Saturday, 17 August 1861 - Kapunda
At 6 am. the camels were removed from the railway trucks in which they had been conveyed from Adelaide, and were placed in the stables of the Sir John Franklin Hotel. Very nearly every inhabitant of the township came to view these novel adjuncts to our party and quite a revenue might have been derived from the curiosity evinced. From 8 a.m. until 4.15 p.m. all hands were engaged in packing and at the latter hour both camels and horses commenced their journey, arriving at Anlaby, Mr. Dutton's station at half-past eight. From an accident which occurred to the cart it was found necessary to retain it at Kapunda for the purpose of procuring wider tired wheels and a new axle.

Sunday, 18 August 1861 - Anlaby
Spelled throughout the day being treated with great kindness by Mr. Buchanan the gentleman in charge. At 1 pm. the cart arrived.

Monday, 19 August 1861 - Phillips' Hotel, Burra Road
Leaving Anlaby 10 am. we reached Phillips' Hotel, Burra Road at 5.25 p.m. Cart delayed until 9 pm. by bad roads. While hobbling Siva, a very vicious camel, he struck out with his forefeet with extra-ordinary quickness and by repeated blows knocked down one of the party. During this, the rutting season, it is desirable to use every precaution in handling the male camels. 20 miles.

Tuesday, 20 August 1861 - Gum Creek
At 10 am. broke camp arriving at Mr. Levi's station Gum Creek at an early hour with the horses and camels, the cart came up a few minutes before midnight.

Wednesday, 21 August 1861 - Buberrowie
Started at 9.30 am and reached Buberrowie, Dr, Brown's station, at a quarter to twelve. Rain throughout the day. Letters for several of the party received during the day.

Thursday, 22 August 1861 - Cliff Camp
Left Baberrowie at 10 am. and at 2 pm. camped beneath a rocky-faced hill, 8 miles distant, on the Canowie Road. This was the first night of camping out. 8 miles.

Friday, 23 August 1861 - Canowie
Started at 20 min to 11 and made Mr Boucher James' station, Canowie, at 1 p.m. The cart is found already to retard our progress. Upon making camp, both tents were pitched and found to be very faulty in construction, the pegs and coping being excessive and the dove-tailing of the ridge poles and uprights liable to fracture. The horses during the night manifested great terror at the camels, galloping wildly about in their hobbles. Ultimately Mr McKinlay gave orders to tie up the camels but owing to the darkness only three could be found.

Saturday, 24 August 1861 - Canowie
Called all hands at 4.25 am. but as it was still dark did not at once let loose the camels to feed. A search for the missing one, Coppin, was at once instituted but it was 4 p.m. before he was found fully 10 miles distant, though in short hobbles. His straying arose from his fear of the vicious camel Siva who chases the others whenever he thinks proper.

Sunday, 25 August 1861 - Maninarre
Left Canowie at 8.35 and at 4.30 pm; camped on the bank of a small creek two miles beyond Mr William Marchant's station, Maninarre. The cart did not pass the station from the late hour at which it arrived. Two bullocks were procured at Canowie and yoked in front of the horses.

Monday, 26 August 1861 - Lower Pekina
Owing to the hilly nature of the locality in which we camped last night the camels, when turned out to feed prior to starting, contrived to elude observation and were not found till nearly 11. The cart cleared out first at 9 a.m., the horses followed at 10.30, but the camels did not get away until 10 min to 12. Having travelled very quietly for an hour Siva suddenly wrenched the nose string from the man leading him, and, rushing the other camels, dispersed and chased them in every direction across the plain. It took upwards of an hour to get them again upon the march and it was 9 p.m. before camp was made at Lower Pekina, a deserted sheep station of Mr Price Morriss'. 25 miles.

Tuesday, 27 August 1861 - Wallawa Creek
Until 12.30 pm. the time was devoted to washing, baking and other camp duties; but at that hour a start was effected and at 15 min. to 3 a camp established at Wallawa Creek. 8 miles. Weather cold and showery. One horse very lame from an injury in the coronal of the near side fore-hoof.

Wednesday, 28 August 1861 - Yanyarre
Left Wallawa at 15 min to 8 and at 2.30 made Mr Grant's station, Yanyerre. 25 miles. Engaged a native named Jack to accompany the party.

Thursday, 29 August 1861 - Werriandra
Broke camp at 11.15; camping at Werriandra, Mr C Thurell's station at 20 min past 4. 20 miles.

Friday, 30 August 1861 - Willow Creek
Started at 15 min to 10 reaching Willow Creek at 4 pm. Camped at the foot of Mt Craig near the mine of that name. 20 miles.

Saturday, 31 August 1861 - Warcowie
Left Willow Creek at 15 min to 10 and arrived at Warcowie at 1 pm. About 2 miles from Warcowie, while crossing a creek, the cart sprung its shafts, two of the men remained with it all night. Mr McKinlay crossed to Arcoba for the purpose of procuring bullocks. 10 miles.

15 days
W. O. Hodgkinson
B. R. E.

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