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English (1825 -1871)

George James Landells was born in Barbados on 5th February 1825 to George Landells and Margaret Anderson. The family lived variously in Barbados, Jamaica, Gambia and England before G J Landells moved to India around 1842. He came to Australia in 1856 aboard the Havannah.

He submitted an application to join the Expedition.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071,
Boxes 2076/1-2076/5 and Boxes 2077/1-2077/4.
Royal Society of Victoria, Exploration Committee Records:
Applications to join the VEE received by the EC.

He was appointed to the VEE in July 1860 on a salary of £600 pa, as Second in Command and officer in charge of camels.

On the 18 August 1860, Brahe signed the Memorandum of Agreement at the Royal Society of Victoria.

He resigned at Menindee 14th October 1860. After the Commission of Enquiry he disappeared from the Melbourne scene, returned to India and died in Rawal Pindi in December 1871, aged 46.

Information on G J Landells kindly supplied by Len Meeny (laslomunz1-AT-gmail.com).

Where Landells went on the expedition

Saturday, 20 January 1872, page 4.

It is a singular coincidence that a few day after the burial of poor King, the sole survivor of the party of Victorian explorers who crossed the continent, the mail should bring news of the death of another prominent member of the larger expedition. Mr Graham Mitchell informs us that he has received a letter from Calcutta announcing the death od Mr Landells.

It will be remembered that Mr Landells purchased and brought over the camels for the Victorian expedition. Mr Landells accompanied the expedition in charge of the camels for some distance, but in consequence of a disagreement with the leader, returned to Melbourne, where he published his opinion that Burke would never return alive.

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