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Thomas Elliot wrote an application to join the Expedition on 28 June 1860.

The original application is at the State Library of Victoria, MS13071, Boxes 2076/1-2076/5 and Boxes 2077/1-2077/4.
Royal Society of Victoria, Exploration Committee Records: Applications to join the VEE received by the EC.

Marybirnong House,
Salt Water River.

June 28th 1860.

The Honorable Chief Secretary,

Having long and anxiously awaited the result of the numerous committee meetings for the election of a leader to the projected exploring expedition, that, having been accomplished, I beg to tender my services as a member of the said expedition which, if accepted, nothing shall be wanting s far as lays in my power to bring matters to a favourable issue, by strict obedience to those in command, such issue to me would be ample compensation time, or any privations consequent upon such a great and glorious enterprise.

I remain, Hon. Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Thos R W Elliot.

On 3 July 1860, J Moore, the clerk to the Chief Secretary, wrote that the letter was 'referred by desire of the Chief Secretary to the leader of the Exploring Expedition'. Moore also wrote 'I can highly recommed this man as suitable in all aspects, 30/6/60, Moore.'

Thomas Elliot wrote to Dr William Gillbee on the 29 June explaining he had signed his letter in full in case it was mistaken with others applying in the same name.

Macadam wrote to Elliot stating he needed to apply in person and immediately to Burke. Elliot went to the Royal Society hall, but was unable to meet Burke, so, on 6 July, he wrote to Burke hoping to arrange a meeting with him.

It is not recorded whether Burke met with Elliot, but on 9 July Burke added Elliot's name to a list of proposed candidates which was then presented to Exploration Committee. Of the nine people on the list, eight were subsequently employed, and Elliot was the only one not selected for the Expedition.

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