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Samla travelled to Australia with George Landells who imported the camels. He was appointed to the VEE, but only travelled as far as Camp 2 at Bulla where he resigned. Being a Hindu he was unable to eat the rations.

In his journal, Becker wrote;

One of the Indians, Samla, begged of Mr Landells to discharge him; his religion (being a Hindu) would not allow him to eat meat, except mutton, and this only if the sheep was killed by himself The poor fellow looked very poorly indeed having had nothing for the last three days but bread and plenty of work. He saw it was impossible for him to remain with us without breaking his faith.

After receiving the wages due to him he touched with his fingers mother Earth and then his forehead, and blessing Mr Landells and the men near him, this good man went his way towards Melbourne his eyes full of tears.

Ludwig Becker,
Wednesday, 22 August 1860

(There was also a camel on the expedition called Simal, Samla or Saml).

Where Samla went on the expedition

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