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to be Leader of the Victorian Exploring Expedition.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, MS13071, Box 2076/2.
Royal Society of Victoria, Exploration Committee Records:
Part IV: Applications to join the VEE received by the EC.


Bacchus Marsh
Feb 27th 1860

To the Hon Secretary of the Exploration Committee,


I do myself the honor of tendering my humble services as Leader on the intended exploratory Expedition into the Interior of New Holland. I regret that I was not sooner aware of the advertisement or I should have took no time in communicating with you on the subject. But as I presume an opportunity will be afforded of explaining the measures each aspirant may propose or adopt I shall merely for the present record my application and enter fully into details should your Committee think fit to fornow my pretensions. The subject is not new to me as I have always taken a great interest in it and shall continue to do and indeed I shall feel proud to find that your selection may take on some gentlemen of superior Talent, experience and more devoted to the sweep of the enterprise than your humble claimant. But as I have gained an experience during 23 years travelling in Victoria ”which I have explored I believe more widely yet more minutely than any other person„ the last eight of which I have spent principally in prospecting on every gold field in the Colony yet opened, and many others not Publicaly known. I trust your Committee will not think me presumtious in tendering my services.

In have occasionally contributed my mite to the cause of Science and have with pride received favourable recognition from some of the most eminent Professors of the day in London as well as from Gentlemen presiding over the scientific Establishment in Victoria.

I have a full knowledge of the management of similar Expeditions in these Colonies and studied and calculated by comparison with all the great Travelers of New Holland Africa and Asia. I have a thorough knowledge of mechanics and sufficient nautical skills to build a Boat or vessel and work or navigate her under pressing circumstances should such need arise, I have a full knowledge of the management of stock of all kinds and can lay down a chart of the Expedition mathematically. I have every confidence in my ability to bring the expedition to a satisfactory Conclusion and can give reference upon any point of interrogation which may tend to inspire the Committee with that degree of confidence I so fully possess should none better offer their services.

I have the honor to be
Most Respectfully
Patrick Main

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Main: Box 2077/1, ex1004-396.
View original: http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/186166

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