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to be Leader of the Victorian Exploring Expedition.

.Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, MS13071, Box 2076/2.
Royal Society of Victoria, Exploration Committee Records:
Part IV: Applications to join the VEE received by the EC.


147 Collins St East
February 21st 1860


An advertisement having appeared from you in the columns of the daily paper wherein the attention of gentlemen desirous of attaining the leadership of the Expedition to the interior is drawn – I have the honor to offer myself as a candidate for that office, feeling sure that I have sufficient energy, strength and determination which I consider indispensable in a leader to justify me in making this application.

Having been a considerable traveller, particularly in the East, I flatter myself I am sufficiently inured to the heat of a tropical sun to be able to endure the parching winds and heat of the Desert of which Captain Sturt speaks in his publication.

The Route I would propose is, to make a junction with Sturt's extreme survey in lat. 24° South long. 138° East and Gregory's in lat. 20°20 South by long. 127°30 East which would in all human probability be completed (provided the party leave this by the end of March) about September – from that point I would suggest that the Expedition push on their researches in a Southerly direction till a junction is effected with Sturt's survey in Southern Australia which would occupy a period of about three months, bringing the expedition to a close abut the end of the year. A survey of this Triangle through the Interior having been completed, joining Sturt's to Gregory's extremes and Gregory's to Stuart, I would recommend that all operations cease till April the following year when the party may again be placed under orders to proceed to Mount Gould in Western Australia lat 26°20 south long 117°27 East and from thence to endeavour to effect a junction again with any point of the previous survey.

The distance might effectually be travelled by the end of four years.

I beg most respectfully to say that I am prepared to enter fully into all particulars connected with the undertaking to the Exploration Committee when called upon to do so.

I have the honor to be
Your most obed. Servant
J. Layard

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Layard: Box 2076/5, ex1004-319.
View original: http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/306937

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