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to be Leader of the Victorian Exploring Expedition.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, MS13071, Box 2076/2.
Royal Society of Victoria, Exploration Committee Records:
Part IV: Applications to join the VEE received by the EC.


Barker Street

To the Director oOf Preliminaries
Projected Exploring Expedition, Victoria

I do myself the honor to state that I have become aware with the circumstance of a projected Expedition to the interior of New Holland, the starting point to be in fair Victoria:- and also that there appears to be some difficulty to obtain a person to take charge of the Expedition.

Under the circumstances I am induced to offer my services.

With regard to qualifications I am prepared to take the entire management of all these branches of a scientific nature that are required to make an expedition of the kind valuable:- namely geology, mineralogy, botany, astronomical – and magnetic observations, sketching and drawing of all the kinds that necessary to give an accurate retrospect of the Country passed over.

For the fact, as to presenting the necessary qualifications I may refer to these learned gentlemen in the margin.

To wether I may state that the whole of my time since the year 1839 has been expended in these Colonies. The physical geography and development of the returns of which having been my study.

In the year 1841 I wrote an essay on the Physical Geography of the country accompanied with a Plan shewing my ideas as to the character of the interior: at the request of Sir George Grey, then Governor of South Australia. Copies of them were transmitted through the Secretary of State for the Colonies, to the Royal Geographical Society of London, and there, originated the idea of a subsequent expedition into the interior by Capt. Charles Sturt. I may state the Captain Sturt made a course more to the West than that suggested by me:- and, it was believe by Dr John Broome, who accompanied him, that this step was productive of injurious consequences – and much delay to the expedition.

I have the honor to be
Your most obedient servant,

Thomas Burr

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Burr: Box 2076/2, ex1004-073.
View original: http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/164262

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