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Pamamaroo Creek, 13 August 1861.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2085/5a, Item 10.
Dispatches sent by members of the Victorian Relief Expedition to the Exploration Committee.
Alfred Howitt's dispatch, [Pamamaroo Creek], 13 August 1861.


Received by the Exploration Committee in Melbourne on 5 September 1861.
This despatch also included:

  • Report from James Knowles about the camels' health, 3 August 1861.
  • Report from Dr Wheeler on the sepoys' health, 3 August 1861.
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Camp 1,
Pamomaroo Creek, Darling River,
Aug 13, 1861.


I have the honour to report to the Exploration Committee that my arrangements are now so far completed that I expect to leave this camp with the contingent party for Cooper's Creek to-morrow morning, taking with me seven camels and thirty-seven horses, and full stores for five months, with the exception of meat, of which I have, been only able to dry sufficient for nine weeks, and that only by means of a smoking house.

A description and list of the camels and horses are enclosed.

I shall proceed with as little delay as possible, but for the first week I do not expect to make more than sixty or seventy miles, judging from tho difficulty we have already experienced in keeping our horses together, on account of the camels.

I may mention that I shall commence to number my camps from this place, marking trees as shown in the margin. (A H 1 broad arrow )

Accompanying this I forward a report on the stock and stores left at the camp.

A W Howitt,
Leader of Contingent Exploration Party.


A report, from Mr James Knowles, who has been left in charge of the depot, at Pamomaroo camp, states that the number of camels under his charge on the 3rd August was thirteen - six female and seven males. Three of the males were unfit for work, being severely affected with itch. The other camels were all in good condition. One of the female camels (named Carlo) was within a fortnight of foaling.

A second despatch, written by Mr Howitt on the 13th August, from Pamamaroo Creek, states that Smith, a member of the contingent party, and two sepoys Bhotan and Belooch would be left behind. Williams, who was also under Mr Wright, had been engaged to supply Smith's place. Smith had been kicked by a horse. The sepoys were suffering from the remains of a recent attack of scurvy. Smith and Bhotan were to remain at the depot under Mr Knowles. Belooch was to proceed, as soon as able, to Mount Murchison, in search of a missing camel, and return to Melbourne when no longer required.

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