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Tarcoola, 25 July 1861.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2085/5a, Item 8.
Dispatches sent by members of the Victorian Relief Expedition to the Exploration Committee.
Alfred Howitt's dispatch, [Tarcoola Station], 25 July 1861. 2 pages.


Saturday, 10 August 1861, page 6.

The Chairman read a despatch from Mr Howitt, the leader of the contingent party, dated Tarcoola Station, on the Darling River, July 25, 1861.

The letter stated that the country was very heavy, and that Mr Howitt had only been able to make short stages.

He had found a quantity of articles at Mr Phelp's station, and proposal that they should be sold.

Instructions were ordered to be sent to Mr M'Pherson to sell the goods.


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Tarcoola Station, Darling River.
25 July 1861.

I have the honour to report my arrival here with the Contingent Party, last night. The country across from Paika I found very heavy from the late rains and was obliged in many places to make short stages.

At this station (Mr Phelp's) I find the following things stored:-

No. 1. - viz. 1 punt wagon & draught bars.
No. 2. - 1 light wagon & draught bars.
No. 3. - six sets of wagon harnesses.
No. 4. - 3 spare collars.
No. 5. - box of medicines (various).
No. 6. - bundle of stirrup irons.
No. 7. - 1 camel saddle.
No. 8. - 1 spare axle.
No. 9. - 2 bundles twine.
No. 10. - 7 pairs canvas trousers.
No. 11. - 2 pairs boots.

With reference to the above ...


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... I beg to suggest that the wagons should be sold, the large wagon is very much in need of repair, the smaller one is in good working order, but would be valueless if left here for another season. I should have instructed Mr McPherson (the superintendant) to dispose of them had I been certain the Committee desired the wagons to be sold.

Nos. 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 on my list I shall get forwarded to Menindie by first steamer as they may be of use.

I expect to reach Menindie in about five days.

I understand from Mr McPherson that a horse belonging to the Expedition is running somewhere in this neighbourhood , but I have been unable to see him.


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Mr McPherson recommends that the things to be sold should be advertised in the Adelaide Advertiser and the Pastoral Times; and he has kindly undertaken to sell the things by auction on receiving an indication from the Committee that such a course be required.

I have the honour to be,
your most obedt. servant.
A W Howitt
Leader of Contingent Party


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