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Sandhurst, 29 June 1861.


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June 29.


I met Mr Brahe at the Loddon with despatches, and received the following message:

Mr Wright has reached Menindie with eight men, having been joined by Mr Burke's depot party from Cooper's Creek. Messrs Becker, Purcell, Stone, and Patton died on the journey. Mr Burke left Cooper's Creek on the 16th December. Nothing has been heard of him since that date. He was accompanied by Messrs Wills, King, and Gray. The natives proved hostile, and the country for 180 miles was waterless. Two camels and three horses died, and one was lost.
W Wright.

I shall be in town with Mr Brahe tomorrow morning.

A W Howitt,
Leader of Contingent Party

The Hon. John Macadam, M.D.


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