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William Brahe, 21 April 1861.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2082/1d (1-2).
Dispatches sent by members of the Victorian Exploring Expedition to the Exploration Committee.
Brahe's dispatch, dated Cooper's Creek, 21 April 1861.
Manuscript, handwritten in ink on blue foolscap paper, 1 page.


The following is a transcript of the note deposited by Brahe with the provisions in the camel box when he left the Depot Camp on the 21st April 1861. It was found by Burke, Wills and King on the evening of the same day.

Depot, Cooper's Creek,
April 21, 1861.


The depot party of VEE leaves this Camp today to return to the Darling. I intend to go SE from camp 60, to get on to our old track near Bulloo.

Two of my companions and myself are quite well; the third -Patton -has been unable to walk for the last eighteen days, as his leg has been severely hurt when thrown by one of the horses.

No person has been up here from the Darling.

We have six camels and twelve horses, in good working condition.

William Brahe



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