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from Menindie, 30 October 1860.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2083/4, Item #5.
Victorian Exploring Expedition Records, Correspondence.
Ludwig Becker; Letter to the Exploration Committee, dated Menindie, 30 October 1860. H16196.


This letter was sent from Menindee on 30 October 1860. It was received in Melbourne on Tuesday, 20 November 1860.

30th October 1860.
Minindie Oct. 30. 60


Mr Burke left Minindie on Oct 19 taking with him Mr Wills, Brahe, Patton, Charley, McDonough, King, one of the native Indians and two Blacks from here. Mr Wright is with the party as a volunteer; that gentleman has been once before in the direction & near Cooper's Creek and shill be therefore of good service to Mr Burke.

Our leader also took with him 19 horses & 16 camels, leaving behind 9 camels & 3 horses with the stores in charge of Dr Beckler. We removed the things from Minindie about 10 miles higher up the Darling at the junction with the Pomamora Creek. Here the first depot is formed under the care of Dr Beckler, myself, Hodginson, MPherson and Beludge the Indian.

With the next mail I shall send you my diary containing my observations and notes from Balranald to Minindie. Notwithstanding the hard work which I, like every one of us, had continually to perform, I am glad to say, I found on the road some spare time, especially at night, to finish not a small number of sketches, the greater part of which represents peculiar features of the Darling country; others are illustrations to my notes on objects of Zoology I met with on the way to Minindie and the surrounding parts of this place.

It is uncertain how long we will remain here with the stores, perhaps for several weeks or more, and letters addressed during this time to me, Minindie, River Darling, I hope still reach.

Yours very truly,
Ludwig Becker.

Dr J. Macadam M.L.A.
Hon. Secr.
Royal Society ol Victoria,


This memo was attached:

Dr J Macadam, MLA, &c.

Memo: Drakeford has this day been discharged for drunkenness.

His conduct has been generally good, but I had to reprove him on a former occasion for the same offence; and I recommend that a reduction of at least £5 be held from his pay. I have advanced him £5, in order to enable him to reach town.

R O'Hara Burke, Leader.


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