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Terrick Terrick, 31 August 1860.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2083/4, Item #4.
Victorian Exploring Expedition Records, Correspondence.
Ludwig Becker; Letter to the Exploration Committee, dated Terrick Terrick, 31 August 1860. H16196.


Aug 31 1860.

Dear Doctor Macadam,

I am sorry that the things required for collecting and preserving objects of natural history, and which I have named in a list never came to hand. Mr Dixon told me the list was not to be found, although I handed it over to him. I really do not know what to do, perhaps I might get a few things at Swan Hill. If it should be possible, send to that place:

several dozen nests of pill boxes,
two traps for catching animals for collecting & for food,
spirits of wine, about a gallon,
a few small glass bottles with hermetically fitting stoppers,
arsenical soap,
an ounce of Acid nitr. & acid sulph, for testing.

My time is principally taken up with attending Camels, Camp work, and other services required while on the March. As yet we had only two resting days, when I had time to make three Sketches: crossing an ancient crater near Dr Baynton's, crossing the Terrick plain S3 (in water colour) and the Terrick-Terrick Hills during a Fata Morgana (colored).

The first part of my journal I shall have the honour to send you from Swan Hill. Have you get my things, (Presented to the Roy. Society), all in safety? In great haste these lines are written; Still I have time to ask you the favour to send my respects to all the friends I left behind without having personally shaken hands with them, (Which I did in my mind during the last meeting of the R.S. where my discovery of native Zink were confirmed).

Yours truly,
Ludwig Becker.


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