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The Argus.
Saturday, 18 August 1860, page 4.

Saturday, 18 August 1860.
Page 4.

A most interesting scene took place in the Royal Park yesterday in the shape of a farewell visit to the camels, and the encampment of the expedition about to start for the interior.

His Excellency and Lady Barkly, and a large number of visitors, were present, including several members of Parliament, the Exploration Committee, and other leading members of the Royal Society.

The camels were, several of them, loaded, and wore the shoes which have been constructed for the protection of their feet. A sort of déjeûnir was held, at which His Excellency proposed the 'health of Mr Burke, leader of the expedition,' and Mr Archer (the Registrar-General) that of Mr Landells.

The scene, we believe, was of the most pleasing description, and we regret that, no intimation of the meeting having been sent to us, we are unable to give our readers a fuller account of the proceedings.

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