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The Herald.
Monday, 20 August 1860, page 5.

Monday, 20 August 1860.
Page 5.

As the Exploratory Expedition set out today, his Worship the Mayor [Richard Eades], impelled by a sense of public duty, postponed the meeting of the City Council, which was otherwise to have been held to-day, until the same hour tomorrow, in order to be present at the starting, and thus represent the citizens on the occasion.

Mr Burke and the gentlemen forming the exploration party were present at a conversazione given by the German Association [Now http://www.germanclubtivoli.com.au/] on Saturday evening last, at their rooms, for the purpose of expressing the great interest they felt for the success of the enterprise, and giving a farewell greeting to the gallant band before they started on their perilous mission. 

The attendance was very numerous – Professor Damm presided – and, in the remarks with which he opened the proceedings of the evening, he pointed out that the Germans held a distinguished position among those who, in the thirst for knowledge and the love of adventure, have penetrated into the wilderness of Australia and opened up this continent for civilisation, and it therefore well behoved the German Association to shake hands with those who are following so noble an example. 

Dr Becker, Dr Beckler, and Mr Wills addressed the company in reply to toasts which were drunk in their honour.  Professor Neumayer proposed the health of Mr Burke, who then had joined the meeting in company of Dr Macadam.  Mr Burke answered the compliment in the German language, expressing his gratification at the manner in which he was received, and acknowledging that it was chiefly to the friendship of Professor Neumayer that he owed his position as leader.  Mr Brahe proposed the Royal Society and its Secretary, which was responded to by Dr Macadam.  Professor Damm proposed the health of the unknown donor of ₤1000.  Mr Pokorny, the health of Sir William Stawell.  Dr Litienfeld proposed the memory of Leichhardt, drunk in silence. 

Herr von Guerard [Guerard, Johann Joseph Eugen von,], Consul Rentsch [Samuel Rentsch, Consul in Melbourne for the Swiss Confederation], Mr Aplin, Dr Berndt, and other gentlemen addressed the meeting, and toasts were drunk to the unity of the Germans and the English, to the health of those who worked in the field of Australian exploration, and are absent from the colony, coupling with it the name of Mr Blandowski [Blandowski, William].

Several excellent songs were sung by the members forming the Gesang-Verein [choir], and a band of music played appropriate airs.  The meeting did not separate until a late hour, and will be a pleasing “Andenken” [memory] to all who were present, and especially to those gentlemen who for some considerable time to come will be deprived of such agreeable society, and of the enjoyment of hochheimer [German wine variety].

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