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The Commissioners

Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into and report upon the circumstances connected with the sufferings and death of Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills.
Melbourne: John Ferres, Government Printer.
Parliamentary papers, No 97, 1861-2. 1862.
Sir Thomas Simson Pratt, KCB. (1797-1879)
Commander of British forces in Australia.
Sir Francis Murphy MP,
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
Matthew Hervey MLC,
Acting President of the Legislative Council.
Evelyn Pitfield Shirley Sturt Esq. (1816-1885)
James Forrester Sullivan MP,
Commissioner of Trade & Customs.
Five Commissioners were appointed by Chief Secretary Richard Heales, and the enquiry was held in the chambers adjoining the Legislative Assembly in Parliament House in Spring-street. The Commissioners met twelve times between 18 November 1860 and 31 January 1861.
Sir Thomas Simson Pratt, KCB Attended 11 of the 12 meetings  
Matthew Hervey MLC Attended 11 of the 12 meetings  
James Forrester Sullivan MP Attended 10 of the 12 meetings  
Sir Francis Murphy MP Attended 9 of the 12 meetings  
Evelyn Pitfield Shirley Sturt Esq Attended 7½ of the 12 meetings  
Sir Thomas Simson Pratt, KCB http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/A050505b.htm
Sir Francis Murphy MP http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/A050362b.htm
James Forrester Sullivan MP http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/A060235b.htm
Evelyn Pitfield Shirley Sturt Esq http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/A060232b.htm

Secretary to the Commissioners

Mr Dumas
(Acting Secretary for the first three meetings)
Robert Ross Haverfield

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