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by M.M.E.

The Cornwall Chronicle,
Launceston, Tasmania.
Saturday, 26 July 1862.
Page 2.

They've gone those heroes, gone to rest,
Their weary toils are o'er,
The bitter, bitter tears we shed,
Can call them back no more.

And shall their names forgotten be,
And in oblivion sink ?
Ah ! no - a nation's tears shall flow,
When they fondly on them think.

They travailed o'er the desert wild,
Victoria's flag they bore,
And rested not until they gazed
On Carpentaria's shore.

Again these brave and noble men,
The pathless desert cross,
But alas ! they die and one is left,
Alone to mourn their loss.

Adieu ye heroes great, adieu,
Your memories we revere,
Distant climes may sing your praise,
But we will mourn you here.


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