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by Welder's Dog

from the CD, Troubadour
© 2010

I'm Robert O'Hara Burke
And I come from Castlemaine
And Irish is my temper, as Irish is my name.
I've travelled 'cross the seas
And I've been a soldier bold
And I keep the tempers in control of the men who dig for gold.

A seeker of adventure
I heard the canons' roar
A-calling me to battle in a European war.
The fire in my soul is stirred
By a challenge to be met
There's many a tale to tell because the fire's burning yet!

I've heard they want a man
To lead an expedition bold
Across the rugged land
And seek the mysteries of old.
I'm a man who's brave and spirited
There's little that I fear
I'll lead that expedition and by the stars I'll steer.

There's many a danger to be met
Before my journey's done
O'er land as yet unconquered underneath a blazing sun.
But danger holds a romance
For an Irishman so bold
I'll have a story when I'm through that's never before been told!

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