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at the National Library of Australia, Canberra.

The archives, contained on three microfilms NLA:Mfm G 3748, 3749 & 3750, consists of material found at NLA:MS30, NLA:MS34, NLA:MS236, NLA:MS23, NLA:MS1136, NLA:MS295 and NLA:MS102. The following extract from the Finding Aid contained on Mfm G3748 gives an overview of the contents of this archive.

Summary of contents
NLA:Mfm G 3748, 3749 & 3750, Burke & Wills Expedition Papers.


Papers of the Burke and Wills Expedition.


Papers of R B Gow which form part of the James Tyson Collection.


Letter from Dr Ludwig Becker.

MS23 Papers of Frederick Walker.

Papers of J S Weatherston.


Notes from Weatherston and Somerville.


Papers of J D Somerville.

Detailed contents :

Mfm G 3748

MS 30/1

Portion of diary kept by Robert O'Hara Burke. Bought by the National Library in 1909. Original held in strong room, photocopy held at 30/1.

MS 30/2

Photographs of some pages of the diary of Robert O'Hara Burke

MS 30/3 Letter from Burke to his uncle written from Torowoto. 2 pages

MS 30/4

Typed transcript of item 3, above.

MS 30/5

Photographs of pages on which Burke pencilled his last messages. 9 pages.
MS 30/6

Engraving of Burke.

MS 30/7

William John Wills' journal of trip "from Cooper Creek towards Adelaide". 23 April 1861 - 26 June 1861.

MS 30/8

Photograph of note left by Wills at 'the creek', dated 30 May, 1861. 2 pages

MS 30/9

Press sheet. The Argus Office announcing the death of Burke and Wills. 1 page.

MS 30/10

Account for funeral of Burke and Wills sent to the Exploration Committee. 1 page.

MS 30/11 Part of the retrospective account by John King, December 1860 - January 1861.
MS 30/12 Typed transcript of the journal of John King, above. 21 pages
MS 30/13 Regimental account book, 1853, of John King, 70th Regiment of Foot.
MS 30/14 Typed notes on John King and on the Royal Hibernian Military School, 1769 - 1924, by F.H. Hawkins and D.W. Roberts. 4 pages.

MS 30/15

Typescript: The Victorian Exploring Expedition. Diary of Burke & Wills, and Narrative of King. Melbourne: published at The Age office, MDCCLXI (1861)
MS34/60 Tracing showing the Route taken by the VEE party from Menindie to Torowoto

MS 34/61

Map of Burke and Wills route from Cooper's Creek to Carpentaria (printed).

MS 34/62

Map of area near Cooper's Creek.

MS 236

Autographed letter signed from Ludwig Becker to Ferdinand von Mueller

MS 23

Journal of Frederick Walker who led an expedition in 1861 to search for Burke and Wills.

MS1136 J S Weatherston. Typescript of an unpublished work on the Burke and Wills Expedition
Pages 1 to 83 on Mfm G 3748

Mfm G 3749

MS1136 J S Weatherston. Typescript of an unpublished work on the Burke and Wills Expedition
Pages 84 to 864 pages on Mfm G 3749


The material used in the preparation of the typescript


Letters and research notes from J D Somerville, 17th November 1941 to 19th February 1946.

Mfm G 3750


Letters received 9th January 1939 to 12th October 1944. Ten letters


Eleven mounted newspaper cuttings assembled by J S Weatherston


J D Somerville. Notes on the Expedition
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